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Thank you for seeing our website.
Our shop is a cat cafe "nekomimi" opened on May 10 2017. All the cats are kittens because our shop just opened. We have a large selcetion of cafe menus and you come by 5mitnutes walking from Ikebukuro station east exit, and our shop is the only cat cafe that you can drink in Ikebukuro. Both for date, friends is good, of course, you can enjoy alone. You can relax in a calm shop unified with brown. Please feel free to come.

Fee system operation hour:12:00-22:00(7days in a week)
30min 600yen(Tax not included)

* Since it will be an automatic extension system, please manage your time by yourself
* Children under 6 years old will be half price
* Children under 15 years old should be accompanied by parents
* If you are a parent, please manage and supervise your child
cats snack 500yen(Tax not included)
※limited quantity

Things you want to keep in order to use.

〇 Do not hug cats from youself.
〇 Flash photography is prohibited.
〇 About injuries,damage to your clothing, luggage, contamination caused by our cats,we will give first aid treatment, but we can not assume any responsibility for subsequent treatment costs, cleaning expenses etc.
〇 Please refrain from acts disliked by cats (make a loud voice, chase after, forcibly wake up).
○ We will prohibit bringing in foods, drinks, toys and matatabi.
○ Pets accompanying is prohibited.
※ If you can not follow our rules, or if we judge it as a nuisance act, you may get out of the store. In that case, we can not refund fee.