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To customers accompanying children

★ There is no admission restriction by age for our shop, but guests accompanying children under 6 years are allowed to spend 1 hour
★ If you visit us, please observe the following precautions
In addition, you need to sign a consent form when visiting us
・ Please do not make a loud voice inside the store
・ Please do not run or rampage
・ Please do not chase cats
・ Please do not hold the cat forcibly
・Do not throw a cat's toys etc., please do not handle roughly
・ Do not forcibly wake up the sleeping cat
・ When a child touches a cat, please do it under the supervision of parents
・ We will give first aid to injuries, clothes, luggage etc damages etc. by cats,
Our shop can not assume any responsibility. We can not do payment of treatment expenses etc.
Please acknowledge it.
★ For the prevention of injuries etc, children are asked to wear clothes that will not let the skin be exposed.
In the case, children with short-sleeved half pants come, our shop lend blankets and supporters ask your children to wear .
★ Please follow rules so that it will be a pleasant time for both our customers and our cats ★